Turning a Household Removal into a Spring Clean - Getting Rid of Stuff

30 十一月 2013

Readers of the Telegraph may have chanced upon this article by Ed Cumming a couple of weeks ago about the trauma associated with helping your loved one move house - principally the girlfriend. Though it is a little late to highlight where Ed went wrong, we thought it worth letting him know that a simple chat with Seven Seas Worldwide would have alleviated his bed pillow-based suffering.

At Seven Seas Worldwide, we offer a service called the MoveCube, a container of varying sizes which turns up at your front door on a trailer. Once you've packed it to your specifications, we'll take it away again and transport it to your new address. Now the MoveCube is no removals lorry but if you want to downsize - or force your partner to - our creation is the perfect answer to self-discipline. If there's no room for that third box of scented candles, perhaps you should leave them behind.

The problem with moving house is that although it often promises a new and exciting chapter in one's life, it's also a pain in the neck and inflicts staggering levels of stress at every stage. If it wasn't for this, we'd probably afford ourselves the time to have a good look through our possessions and perhaps be a tad more ruthless about what we take on the journey. As it is, we box up and push out because we haven't the time to be so studious.

However, moving home is the perfect time to have a good old spring clean. And there's nothing more therapeutic than unravelling a roll of black bin liners and getting around a dozen bulging by lunchtime. The MoveCube compels you to be sensible. Unlike a dirty great removals lorry which invites you to chuck stuff in the back as if it were a skip on wheels, the MoveCube teases out the inner-Tetris player. We'll send you free, chemically-hardened cardboard boxes to help you pack your items successfully and safely. After that, it's up to you to position them as best you can in the MoveCube. The feeling of satisfaction will be palpable as your snazzy white MoveCube drives away, bound for your new home and new life.

So, Ed, should the time come when you and your girlfriend move in together, remember to do it with a MoveCube. Oh and if you mention us, we'll throw in a free Seven Seas Worldwide bed pillow.