The StoreCube - Self-Storage Made Easy

15 四月 2014

As Business Boomers: Real Storage Wars made abundantly clear on BBC2 last night, the ability to throw things away is becoming a rare talent in the UK. In the last thirty years, self-styled, self-storage entrepreneurs have emerged in the business world to make a fortune out of empty space.

The economic crisis had virtually no influence over the financial trajectory of self-storage with the annual turnover for the self-storage business now at around the £500m mark.

Gargantuan self-storage facilities are appearing all over Britain's industrial landscape like monolithic Lego blocks and customers are climbing over each other to fill them to the rafters with a balanced mix of treasured possessions, mementos and stuff that's just too darn big to keep at home.

Real Storage Wars interviewed the movers (no pun intended) and shakers in self-storage to discover how the boom came about and revealed how they took advantage of the nation's changing attitude towards personal belongings. But what we at Seven Seas Worldwide found interesting was that these assured self-made millionaire founders were all missing something that could be doing wonders for their business: the chance to do a little bit extra for the customer that would put them head and shoulders above the competition.

The one factor that the big storage firms all have in common is that they don't collect your items from your address. Imagine not having to worry about transporting your stuff to the storage facility. Imagine instead the storage firm picking up your personal belongings via a trailer and transferring it direct to the facility. Well, that's all you can do; imagine.

Luckily, Seven Seas Worldwide has adapted its successful MoveCube service to suit the needs of the storage customer. Introducing the StoreCube!

The StoreCube provides so much more than a regular self-storage firm. First of all, we send you boxes and packing materials ourselves. And guess what? They're free! Once all your items are packed into boxes, we will send a StoreCube to collect them from your home address and deliver them to the nearest Seven Seas Worldwide storage facility. We will take a single payment of £84 for this collection and charge nothing on top of that until you arrange the date of your return. We also have a text message service which will alert you to our arrival for collection. Now how does that sound? A little bit better than our competitors, we're sure you agree.

If you're looking for storage, avoid the companies too big to be personal. Get in touch now and find out more about what a StoreCube can do for you. They're brilliant for student storage as well, by the way, and you can save a bundle if you store a bunch of stuff with your mates.

A Gift for the Baby - Our New MilkMail Service

02 一月 2014

We at Seven Seas Worldwide are proud to announce that we can now ship baby milk powder to China. We've given this the name "MilkMail".

So what does MilkMail do and how can it help you?

Good questions. Well, if you live in the UK and you want to send milk powder to an address in China, we offer an affordable and stress-fee way of doing it. We've designed special boxes just for the job and we're very excited about them. Well, as excited as you can be about boxes.

We're calling them 'Mail Boxes' and they can hold up to 6 tins of baby milk powder with a maximum weight of 6 kg. You are only permitted to send one Mail Box per shipment. Sorry, it's the rules. Once ordered, your box will be sent by air with a transit time of 14 days.

Seven Seas Worldwide has a strong base in China and has spent nearly twenty years delivering and collecting items there. We're one of the most trusted shipping companies in the world for sending personal belongings and excess baggage to China, so if you want to get milk powder sent to China now, there's only one company to talk to.

This is what happens: similar to our regular excess baggage service, we'll deliver an empty Mail Box to your address for you to load with the milk powder of your choosing. Make sure you do it safely, securely and don't exceed the maximum weight limit otherwise that'll cause unnecessary delays (as opposed to the necessary kind). Then we'll turn up again to collect the Mail Box and send it, door-to-door, overseas to China.

That's pretty much it. And to top it off, we've got a special introductory rate of £45 per Mail Box. Amazing. Get going with your own milk powder export today.

When the Sea Isn't Required

06 十一月 2013

Despite the expansive-sounding name, Seven Seas Worldwide doesn't just send items overseas. No, we're here for the smaller trips. Let's say you want to move to another city, another town, or even just one street along, Seven Seas Worldwide is here to assist. After all, a move is a move and distance has nothing to do with stress.

Our service for the smaller trips is called 'Mini Moves'. The same network is in place to ensure a safe and smooth delivery but as there are no enormous container ships involved in the journey, you'll get your boxes much sooner. As with the overseas shipping orders, we will send you free boxes, bubble wrap and a big marker pen for all your packing needs. We want you to do a good job, you see. Then we'll return to collect your packed boxes and whisk them away to your chosen destination, door-to-door.

Now we can either collect your boxes and put them in the back of one of our vans or, if you're moving a significant amount of personal belongings, you can hire a MoveCube to do the job. In case you're not aware of our highly successful service, the MoveCube is a container which arrives at your door on a trailer. And very snazzy it looks too. Once the MoveCube has been filled to suit your needs, we'll take it away again and park it outside the door of new home for unloading. It's a great idea and is proving very popular with customers all over the world. (Also, I thought of the name. Yes, I did.)

In addition to this, we also offer a much more affordable alternative to the service of storage companies. If you've ever used a storage company, you'll know it never feels particularly comfortable to be throwing large quantities of cash at someone who's just keeping an eye on your stuff. Seven Seas Worldwide provides a cheaper solution in the form of a collect and store option as part of its relocation service. So let's just say for example you're moving out of one home but your transfer to the next won't be immediate - there's a bit (or a lot) of wait time before you can move in. Not a problem; just let us store your boxes for you until you're ready to have them redelivered. It couldn't be simpler.

Of course, you might not be moving at all. You might just be sending a load of DVD box sets back to your friend who demanded their return. And fair enough really, you've had that season of Breaking Bad for nearly a year. Whatever the situation, Seven Seas Worldwide is here to help. Give us a call or get a quote today via our online quote engine to find out more.

Wait One Minute - What Is It We Actually Do Again?

09 十月 2013

Good question. A lot of people don't know what we actually do, except for those who think we're the cod liver oil people. Let's get one thing straight - we're not the cod liver oil people. They're called 'Seven Seas'. We're called 'Seven Seas'. Okay? We hope that's cleared things up.

So what do we do exactly? We talk about travel and worldwide shipping and the like but when all is said and done, what is the task we get out of bed to perform each day?

Well, look at this way (although there are other ways of looking at it, but we'll look at those other ways later), you're packing for a holiday and find you're not going to manage everything. Perhaps you've packed one suitcase too many or there's something you absolutely have to take because the holiday requires it, such as a set of golf clubs or a surfboard. That's where we come in as one of the leading excess baggage companies in the world.

We'll send one of our drivers to your door to drop off free boxes and packing materials, you pack your belongings to your specifications, then our driver turns up again to collect the boxes and take them to your chosen destination. We can do this for every piece of luggage you have, of course. Imagine breezing through the airport with just hand luggage, safe in the knowledge every suitcase will be waiting for you at the other end. Sounds sweet, doesn't it?

Well, that's what we do.

Of course, there's more to it than that. Shipping people's stuff around the world is a complex business but we don't want to bore you with the details. We want to dazzle you with the exciting stuff. That's what this blog is for. If you want to get in touch with our international shipping team to see how they can help, give them a call today or get an instant online quote which is even simpler.