MilkMail - A New Milk Powder Export Service from Seven Seas Worldwide

Milk Powder Export To China

Seven Seas Worldwide now offer a milk powder export service to China!

Send Milk Powder To China

If you’re familiar with Seven Seas Worldwide, MilkMail is similar to our excess baggage shipping service Baggage Worldwide, the only difference is that you can only send one Mail Box per shipment.  We’ll deliver a new Mail Box to your door so you can pack the milk powder yourself, safely and securely. For a special introductory rate, the price of the MilkMail service is just £45 per Mail Box.

The process is simple: You book the date you wish for the milk powder collected (Monday-Friday). You will receive a text message the day before which will let you know of the 1 hour window we've scheduled for our driver to arrive at your address. The driver will arrive with the special Mail Box for you to load up with tins of milk powder. Our driver will seal and label the box before providing you with a receipt. The Mail Box will then be taken to our depot with other Mail Boxes before being dispatched the following day. So what do you think? Does it sound good to you?

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We call this service ‘MilkMail’ and here’s what we offer: 

  • Our boxes - or 'Mail Boxes' as we like to call them - can hold up to 6 tins of baby milk powder with a maximum weight of 6 kg
  • We can only send one box per order but you can make as many orders as you want, providing you're in the UK and sending to China
  • Your box will be sent by air with a transit time of 14 days

It’s that easy. Hardly worth the bullet-points really.

Remember not to exceed the maximum weight or else there will be delays and charges. No one wants that.

Oh and if that's not enough, Seven Seas Worldwide will also go one step further and order the milk powder on your behalf with our additional service, MilkMail Plus, which is the easiest way to go about shipping milk powder to China.

If you're interested, contact us or grab an instant quote and start shipping milk powder to China with Seven Seas Worldwide today.