International Services & Information from Seven Seas Worldwide

International Services

Seven Seas Worldwide are there for the other little matters that crop up when shifting excess baggage and personal belongings.

Okay we’ve covered most of the things that Seven Seas Worldwide does, but there are a few other international services we provide that we haven’t mentioned yet. 

We want to do our best to provide a comprehensive service for our customers. Translated, that means we want to do such a good job that you’ll come back. It’d be nice to see you again.

So, with that in mind, we also offer a service that helps customers claim tax back and an international money transfer service. Yep, we’ve thought of everything. With the help of our experts here at Seven Seas Worldwide, we can work out if you're eligible for a tax refund. If you don't get a refund, we won't expect a fee and if you've shipped your items with us, our commission will be discounted. Our taxback page offers all the information you need along with FAQs so check it out now.  

In addition to this, we can also assist you with those all-important money transfers. With Seven Seas Worldwide, you can make fast, international payments. We offer better exchange rates than the bank, guaranteeing low transfer fees with no commission or bank charges. Take a look at our money transfers page and see how we can help you today.

We've also included some information on charges that could be incurred at Customs and how you can avoid them.